Boston College Men's Hoops To Play In Junkanoo Jam In 2020.

A.J. Black

Boston College knows where they will be heading for next year's in-season tournament according to Jeff Goodman 

Boston College had the Gotham Classic this year, which didn't involve any traveling so the Bahamas is quite the trip for the team. This tournament has some interesting opponents as well including Tulsa who is currently 7-1, George Mason who sit at 9-1, and BYU who is 6-4. 

What is junkanoo you may ask? Having never heard of it before myself,I did a little research and found out that it's a traditional Bahamian parade, that is kind of like Mardi Gras with dance, elaborate costumes and music. According to the Bahamas website the parade happens like:

Long before the spectacular rush-out, the exuberant Junkanoo dance troupes—groups of up to 1,000—will have been busy rehearsing their dazzling routines. The musicians will have perfected the hypnotic rhythms they'll perform day and night on a cacophony of goatskin drums, cowbells, whistles, and horns; and the imaginative costume designers will have worked nonstop to weave their own special magic with beautifully coloured crepe paper and cardboard.

As the Junkanoo parade moves through the streets of downtown Nassau in the early hours of the morning (generally from 2am to 10am), the energy of the dancers and the beat of the music motivates the vast crowds of supporters and spectators to start moving in their seats, or on their feet, or in the trees, or on balconies—wherever they have found a spot from which to watch this soul-stirring festival!

At the end of the famous Junkanoo procession, judges award cash prizes for the best music, best costume, and best overall group presentation.