BC Men's Basketball: A Statistical Look at a Disappointing Season So Far

BC is 3-10 and continue to drop games struggling on both ends of the court. The statistics show why they are struggling.
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Boston College men's basketball is sitting at 3-10, with only one conference win so far this season. While much of the blame is pointed at head coach Jim Christian, the bigger question remains. Where are the Eagles struggling? The easy answer is to just say "defense", or "lack of execution". But what do the statistics say? Let's take a look. 

To try and keep a balanced look, we are going to stick mainly with statistics that can accurately compare one to team to another. Because of COVID-19, statistics like "total blocks" would be pretty worthless right now as the amount of games played varies greatly from team to team. Statistics are via Sports Reference


Field Goal Percentage: .436 (200th in the country)
Three Point Percentage: .345 (137th)
Free Throw Percentage: 67.9% (238th)
Assist Percentage (percentage of field goals assisted): 46.9 (287th)

Turnover Percentage (turnovers per 100 plays) 17.3 (213th)
Offensive Rating (estimated points per 100 possessions):  100 (200th)
Rebound Percentage (percent of rebounds grabbed while player is on floor): 47.9 (277th)
efield goal percentage (weighing that threes count more than regular shots): .516 (131st)


Opponent Field Goal Percentage: .483 (334th in the country)
Opponent Three Field Goal Percentage: .342 (223rd)
Opponent Offensive Rating: 107.5 (307th)
Opponent Turnover Percentage: 16.6 (207th)
Opponent Assist Percentage: 49.7 (215th)
efield goal percentage: .543 (322nd)

On our "Locked on Boston College" podcast last week, we were asked "What does Boston College do well?", and it was a hard question to answer. Clearly the offense is better than the defense, and the statistics bear that out. The offense is in the top third in the country in three point shooting and efield goal percentage, but in the bottom half in every other statistic. 

Also the advanced statistics show how poorly Boston College is playing on defense. The most glaring statistics show that BC opponents are shooting lights out against them on a daily basis. The Eagles are almost the very bottom in some of the most crucial statistics in terms of defense. If BC is going to win more ACC games they are going to need to continue to tweak their defense, which is allowing an average of 78 points per game. 

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