Ky Bowman Signs NBA Contract with Golden State Warriors

A.J. Black

After spending most of this season bouncing between the NBA and Golden State's G-Team the Santa Fe Warriors, former Boston College guard Ky Bowman will now be a full time player in the NBA

Leaving Boston College for the NBA was a risky move for Ky Bowman after his junior season. However his first move, signing with Golden State on a two way contract paid dividends almost immediately when he was vaulted to the rotation after injuries to multiple Warrior players. 

Bowman's contract was set to expire as he had reached his two way contract limit of 45 days in the NBA. But Steve Kerr and his staff wanted to keep him around after the undrafted rookie averaged 7.3 points, 2.5 rebounds, and 2.8 assists per game. The move made even more sense after the Warriors traded their starting point guard D'Angelo Russell earlier today.

Before his time in the NBA, Bowman was a scoring machine in Chestnut Hill. He came to the Heights choosing to play at basketball at Boston College instead of football at Alabama where he had an offer from Nick Saban.  Immediately he made an impression with the Eagles scoring 14.3 points a game as a freshman while being named to the All-Freshman Team in the ACC. His sophomore season he and Jerome Robinson (traded to the Wizards today) created a tandem that led them to the NIT. During his junior season he averaged 19.0 points per game, including three games where he scored over 30 points. He was named All-ACC second team. 

Bowman looks to be a rotational player for the Warriors moving forward. But he will be in the NBA, and it looks like betting on himself has paid off. 

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AJ...any word on JRob? My brother goes to Clippers games. He said his D has been quite good. Much improved on D. But his shooting...great at BC...has not been good. I thought he would be good from 3



AJ is younger and quicker and best me to the punch.

I did not see this after I posted on Bulletin!

I am dying my hair red and starting to Chuck 3 balls 🏀.

I need the retirement cash! 😂😂