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AJ Dillon broke Boston College's all time rushing record last week, passing Andre Williams mark of 3,739 yards set in 2013. As Boston College fans know, Dillon has had countless big runs, whether it was his coming out party against Louisville in 2017, or a huge run against Miami last year, he has made his mark in almost every game he has played. 

At the end of this year many draft analysts believe that Dillon will be heading off to the NFL, which makes sense, a big physical back only has so many years and it makes sense that he will want to capitalize on his play. Our friends over at WePlayed have a challenge for you. If you've followed our site you know you can create "playlists" for players and or games, and allow you to write your own thoughts about the play. For this challenge they want you to create an AJ Dillon highlight reel using their gamefilm, and the best draft package will win a $100 gift card to Amazon! Follow the directions below:

First! Head to over to and follow the directions below!


  • Discover AJ Dillon’s games under "Browse Games"
  • Find a terrific Dillon moment by easily scanning through the game
  • Add what you found to the challenge by selecting "Add Moment"
  • Adjust the start and end of the moment by simply using the slider bar
  • Tag AJ by going to the moment descriptor box to the right of the video. For example: @2 and select @2 AJ Dillon
  • Run up the quality score by tagging other athletes in the video the same way
  • Provide unique insightful about the play by typing "#" and the insight word in these same moment descriptor box you used for tagging players. For example: #touchdown, #breaktackle, #25ydGain, etc.
  • Keep going! Add as many descriptions are you want. (Higher moderator score) You can even craft a compelling narrative around all your player and insight tags (500 character limit on the box)
  • Pick a cool image for the moment by clicking the “Set Thumbnail” icon
  • Select annotations if you want to emphasize parts of the moment
  • Save the moment by clicking "Save as new"
  • Add the moment to the challenge playlist! Super simple right?
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  • Select AJ Dillon’s top draft pick moments from all of his games on WePlayed
  • Create at least 10 quality moments and you’re eligible to win $100 Amazon Gift Card
  • Choose moments created by other users as well, but those won’t score as high. But get additional points for riveting stories that go with the play even if someone else has used it! 
  • Add at those moments to the challenge playlist
  • Get 0-3 points from the moderator for each moment you create - the moderators will rank all your moments and pick the top 10
  • Receive even more points by having other users include your moments
  • Check the leaderboard to see what you need to do to win
  • Invite your friends to receive even more points when they participate in the challenge
  • Win the AJ Dillon challenge based on the scoring above
  • Bonus! Became famous when we promote you and your “on-field” performance

And who is moderating this? That would be me! AJ Black, editor of BC Maven. So if you make a playlist, share it and tag me on Twitter so I can see it! The challenge will run from Thursday 10/31-Friday November 8th, so make sure you get in there and make your highlight reels!