Betting Odds Released on the Return of College Football

A.J. Black

As more negative reports come in from around the country, the big question remains, will there be a college season? COVID-19 has already delayed workouts at UNC, Kansas, Ohio State and other schools, while the Ivy League has already cancelled their fall season. 

Today, the sports betting world chimed in with odds on a variety of topics. Via

Based on what the site is saying it seems 50/50 that the college football season will happen, and not be postponed until 2021. Basically this is just the betting world saying they have no idea what is going to happen. It's an even bet. 

On top of that the odds are heavy that a FBS game will be cancelled. We have already seen some FBS/FCS games cancelled, and Northwestern/Wisconsin moved from Wrigley, but guessing based on the wording of this they mean it has to be a postponement between two FBS teams. 

Finally, the ACC is third in terms of probability of cancelling first. It makes sense that the Pac 12 is first given commissioner Larry Scott's comments yesterday ""Unless we see a change in the trajectory of the spread of the virus and its impact pretty quickly, I think the situation's a lot more perilous than it was a few weeks ago."

What do you think of the odds, if you were a bettor where would you put your money?

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