Exploring BC's Out of Conference Options for 2020

A.J. Black

Last week, Boston College and the rest of the ACC learned of the new 10+1 schedule for the upcoming 2020 season. On top of the ten ACC games the Eagles will be playing, there will also be one out of conference game. The regulations said that the game has to be played in Massachusetts. 

Who could the Eagles play? First off, teams from the SEC, Pac-12 and Big Ten Conferences are all eliminated because as of now those three conferences have decided to stick with a conference only scheduling model. That leaves the Big-12, independents, and the Group of Six schools. Let's explore some options. 

UMass: Would be the logical choice. They are in state, with not much traveling expenses involved, and would fill one of the many slots the will have open. Positives for the Eagles would it give them a team that they have beaten up on consistently in years past.

UConn: Basically the same rationale as UMass. UConn again would give BC another opponent that could be a tune up for a tough ACC schedule. 

Army: Arguably a step up in difficulty, the Black Nights were 5-8 last year. But for the Eagles, a team that struggled on defense in 2019, the triple option could be a real challenge. Remember what Army did to BC's defense in 2012. 

Navy: Unlike the previous options, it would be a bigger hike for the Midshipman to get to Chestnut Hill. Navy was 11-2 last season, and always plays tough. If BC is looking for a "tune up" before their ACC gauntlet, this might not be the best choice. 

BYU: Really stretching here, as the Cougars would basically have to travel across country to play this game. BC and BYU have a history though, last playing in 2006 when the Eagles won 30-23. Cougars are a solid, hard fighting team, that beat USC in a thrilling game last year. 

Kansas: Could the Eagles convince the Jayhawks to make a trip to Chestnut Hill two years in a row? (Update 8/4: Won't be the Jayhawks, the B12 are going to a +1 model as well with the out of conference game having to be home)

MAC Program: There will be plenty of MAC teams that are looking to fill P5 games that have already been cancelled. BC could just make things easy and keep Ohio on the schedule, or they could try and get a more local squad like Buffalo to come to Chestnut Hill. 

Who do you want to see the Eagles play in 2020? Leave your choice below!

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Comments (8)
No. 1-3

Seems like our new AD left Temple on good terms and it's a trip that could be made on a bus, so I would think Temple coming up is a possibility. Ohio, UConn, and UMass make the most sense to me though.


I believe they will keep Ohio or have to pay out for cancelling. If Ohio is willing to come here my guess is BC keeps the game instead of paying a cancellation fee


If the SEC isn't going to let South Carolina, Florida, Kentucky and Georgia play their in-state conference rivals, the ACC should just get rid of the 10+1 model and do conference only.