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Best and Worst Case Scenarios For Boston College in 2021

What is the best scenario that could happen for Boston College in 2021? What is the worst?

Earlier today, on our Locked on Boston College podcast we talked about the best and worst case scenarios. But let's look at it in detail and decide where this team could go if everything goes right and what could happen if everything goes south. 

Worst Case: 6-6

This would be a colossal disappointment for Boston College fans, as expectations are high heading into 2021. If the Eagles can only win three games against their out of conference games, grab a win against Syracuse and then two other games in between, the air out of the sail of momentum that Jeff Hafley built up certainly would diminish. But how could this happen? First off, the defense is where I would look if this team doesn't move forward. Maybe they struggle still against mobile quarterbacks, or give up too many points, or can't get off the field on third down. There are so many 50/50 games on the schedule that look appealing, but what if those games aren't winnable because the defense struggles? 

Best Case: 10-2

We are going to go with a reasonable best case scenario here for the Eagles. Saying that they are going to go 15-0 and win the national championship seems a bit of a pipe dream. Even still, there could be a way for this season to be incredibly enjoyable. In this scenario everything comes together for Jeff Hafley's squad, the offense is a juggernaut and the defense improves to the point that they shut down teams. If you are looking at losses, most likely that will still be Clemson and then pick another ACC opponent that BC may not match up well against. This type of season will tick off a lot of the boxes that could make this season memorable. A big win or two, finishing the season ranked, and the possibility of playing in a New Year 6 Bowl. 


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