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Previewing the 2022 Boston College Depth Chart (Winter Edition)

A look at the roster after a series of transfers, graduations and early enrollments

Boston College has seen a lot of changes on the roster, with a handful heading to the NFL and a crop putting their name in the transfer portal. What changes will we see to the two deep heading into spring? There of course could be changes due to transfers in and out, injuries and other factors. But given where the team currently sits, here is our very early projection


Analysis: With Dennis Grosel moving on, Morehead, who got a crash course experience last season will move in to the backup role. Jurkovec, who will be playing in his final season with the Eagles, will look to not only win games and stay healthy, but move his draft stock up for the 2023 NFL Draft. 

RB1: Patrick Garwo (Jr.)
RB2: Alec Sinkfield (Gr.) or Xavier Coleman (R-Fr.)

Analysis: Garwo had a breakout season in 2021, rushing for over 1000 yards, and being the primary back for all 12 games. Sinkfield, who looks to be returning as well---though not confirmed, will most likely be the backup while Coleman also will be involved. One of the two will need to fill the role of graduating RB Travis Levy who was the primary third down back. 

X Receiver: Jaden Williams (So.), Taji Johnson (Jr.)
F Receiver: Jaelen Gill (Sr.), Lewis Bond (R-Fr.)
Z Receiver: Zay Flowers (Sr.), Joseph Griffin (Fr.) or Dino Tomlin (Jr.)

Analysis: The Eagles lost four wide receivers to the transfer portal, but have also brought in one (Tomlin). Johnson isn't listed as a starter here, but I'd expect him to play a much bigger role than he did in 2021, and could see significant snaps. 


Analysis: Losing Trae Barry to the draft is certainly a loss, but Luchetti should be a serviceable tight end in this group. Witter or Gordinier could jump up to take up the backup tight end spot, depending on who has the better camp. 

LT: Ozzy Trapilo, Kevin Cline
LG: Finn Dirstine, Blerim Rustemi
C: Drew Kendall, Dwayne Allick
RG: Christian Mahogany, Otto Hess
RT: Jack Conley, Kevin Pyne

Analysis: This is the position where almost anything could happen. Mahogany and Kendall seem like a shoe in, but new offensive line coach Dave DeGuglielmo could move a lot around to find the best fit. Trapilo played guard this year, but has the size where a move to tackle might make the most sense. Conley or Kevin Cline could be the starting right tackle, based on camp play, and the guard position opposite Mahogany could go multiple different ways. 

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DE1: Marcus Valdez (Gr.), Donovan Ezeiraku (So.)
DE2: Shitta Sillah (Sr.), Neto Okpala (So.)
NT: Chibueze Onwuka (Gr.) Izaiah Henderson (Jr.)
DT: Cam Horsley (Jr.), Khris Banks (Sr./Gr.)

Analysis: Not a ton of shifts here. Sillah has the most experience outside of Valdez and most likely will start. But Ezeiraku and Okpala are two names to watch for in 2022. Good camps and the pair could find themselves with more snaps. The addition of Onwuka should be a solid upgrade over 2021, and give BC a veteran presence up the middle. 


Analysis: Steele will jump in to the starting rotation next year, and could either go to MLB or WLB, but DePalma the veteran probably will play a big role in this group. The two back up roles could go a number of different ways, but Kolenge and McGowan might be the ones to snatch that up. 

Nickel: Josh DeBerry (Gr.)

CB: Elijah Jones (Sr.), Amari Jackson (Fr.)

CB: CJ Burton (So.), Jalen Cheek (R-Fr.)

FS: Jason Maitre (Sr.), Steve Lubischer (Jr.)

SS: Jaiden Woodbey (Gr.), Jamareeh Jones (R-Fr.)

Analysis: Cornerback is another position to watch, do the Eagles keep DeBerry at nickel or move him outside and keep Burton inside? And there will be a lot of opportunities for younger players to jump in at backup. Maitre and Woodbey are pretty much locks at safety. 


Punter: Sam Candotti (Fr.)
Kick & Punt Returners: Alec Sinkfield (Gr.) & Jaden Williams (So.)