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Final Boston College Bowl Projections

A final look at where the Eagles could be heading right before the upcoming bowl announcements start to roll in.

On Friday & Saturday, conference championship games were played across the nation, and bowl game seedings were finalized. On Sunday, Boston College along with 83 other teams will find out where they will be bowling. For the Eagles there are three possible options remaining. Let's break down where Jeff Hafley's squad could play their bowl game.

Fenway Bowl---Most Likely Against Houston

This is the most popular choice amongst bowl projection writers. It keeps Boston College close, hopefully to bring more local fans to the game and gives them a good opponent. Houston, who was ranked before their loss to Cincinnati in the AAC Championship game. For fans, this game rings kind of hollow. It is in a baseball stadium they have played at before recently, it isn't traveling anywhere, and against an opponent from a non-Power Five school.

Military Bowl- Against ECU


ECU is already locked into this game, accepting an invitation earlier this week. The game is played in Annapolis, Maryland, which means cold weather, but still is a solid bowl the Boston College has never played in. In terms of getting the team to travel somewhere, the DMV is an area that the Eagles constantly are hitting on the recruiting trail. This could be the best spot for Boston College. 

Something Weird

Boston College has been on the receiving end of some odd destinations over the past few years including going to the First Responders Bowl and Birmingham Bowl. This usually happens when the ACC has too many teams and needs to send a team somewhere else. While this seems unlikely to happen, this is Boston College, weirder things have happened.