Boston College Bowl Projections: Where Could The Eagles Be Heading?

A.J. Black

Even with head coach Steve Addazio gone, Boston College has a bowl game that they are going to need to prepare for. Interim head coach Richie Gunnell, his staff and players have earned the right to play in a bowl game, which is big for the program as it gives the player extra practices, and helps . But who will the Eagles play? Let's take a look at some of the projections form around the internet

Sports Illustrated:Birmingham Bowl vs. Temple. January 2, 2020. 

AJ's Take: A battle of Addazio's Former Programs, this would be an interesting matchup as Temple head coach Rod Carey has a good defense that could challenge AJ Dillon and David Bailey. Other positive? After the holidays, so it won't interfere with family obligations. 

ESPN:Both analysts have BC in the Motor City Bowl December 26, 2020. 

Bonagura: vs. Michigan State,  (CBS Sports also has this bowl and opponent projected)
Schlabach: vs. Illinois (Yahoo! Sports also has this bowl and opponent projected)

AJ's Take: Day after Christmas in the Motor City isn't the best for alums who want to travel, and Detroit isn't a climate that many would want to travel to in winter months. Both of these teams would be decent teams to face. Michigan State has a good defense, but a brutal offense, while Illinois has been a fun team to watch who beat Wisconsin three weeks ago. Plus, Lovie Smith has a Santa Claus beard, so it would be festive!

USA Today: Military Bowl vs. Temple. December 27, 2019. 

AJ's Take: A cold location bowl, against a non Power 5 team. 

SBNation: Quick Lane vs. Western Michigan

AJ's Take: Would definitely be one of the least interesting combination of team's and bowls listed. 

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You’ll get there. Other sites do not have your talent and content!


No excuses if Urban Meyer is in play.

You are gonna pay $4.0M to $4.5M, why not just finally fix the problem w $7M/5 years and $35M and watch donations explode and then let FISH build a new Retractable Dome Stadium.

1941 was a long time ago between when BC was a dominant power.

It's time! GO BIG OR GO HOME!

Build us a Championship Program!



Your coaching capsules and bowl previews have been spectacular.

It is a shame that most BC fans do not come here. The other sites are full of way too many whale pants and Puscadores.

Great work!