Boston College Coaching Candidate Profile: Al Washington

A.J. Black

Boston College fired head coach Steve Addazio yesterday after seven seasons on the Heights. As the coaching search commences, we will give profiles of many of the known candidates that could become the next head coach of the Eagles. To start off the series, let's head to Ohio State to see an old friend, Al Washington

Name: Al Washington
Age: 35
Born and Raised: In Ohio
Playing Career: Boston College defensive tackle
Previous Experience: Special teams and running backs coach at Boston College, defensive line coach with Cincinnati, linebackers coach at Michigan and Ohio State
Connections to Boston College: Played with and coached the Eagles.

Pros:  Boston College could take a bit of a gamble on the young Washington, and try to find gold with a hot young coach, attempting to prevent what happened with Ryan Day who obviously has gone on to bigger and better things as head coach of Ohio State. Washington is an incredible recruiter, who has been lauded every where he goes by coaching staffs and players. He would bring a shot of energy to a program desperately in need of one, he's a fan favorite and would get the alumni buying tickets again. 

Cons: Washington is very young in terms of coaching experience, and has no experience running a complete offense or defense, and when he ran Special Teams at BC the kicking unit had the same issues that every other ST coordinator had under Addazio. He's very raw, and isn't proven as anything more than a positional coach so far and would be a huge gamble for the Eagles. 

Other Factors: If Al Washington was to become the next head coach he would need to get very experienced and season offensive and defensive coordinators to help support him. Mark Blaudschun mentioned that Don Brown could come with him as assistant head coach, but take that with a grain of salt. 

Odds of becoming next BC Head Coach: 6/1. I know he is the hot name out there right now, but Jarmond saying he wants BC to become great, bringing in someone with no coaching experience seems like a huge gamble. 

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Mike Giblin
Mike Giblin

One of my favorite things about Al is he is not just an elite recruiter; but he was an elite recruiter AT BOSTON COLLEGE. He sealed the deal with Landry when Auburn came calling. He locked in Myles Willis when FSU was getting involved. There are countless others. He was the man who was getting some elite talent to BC. Addazio was lauded as a recruiter but that was at Florida. Different ball game. He got NFL-level talent to come to Chestnut Hill. Think he could do it again.