Boston College Coaching Candidate: Jeff Monken

A.J. Black

Boston College fired head coach Steve Addazio on Sunday after seven seasons coaching the Eagles. As the coaching search commences, BC Maven will give profiles of many of the known candidates that could become the next head coach of the Eagles. To continue our feature, we are going to explore technically a Power 5 coach, and one that has found good success with limited resources, Army head coach Jeff Monken. 

Name: Jeff Monken
Age: 52
Born and Raised: Peoria, Illinois
Previous Experience: Head coach at Army since 2014, before that was a positional coach at Navy, Georgia Tech and Georgia Southern. 
Connections to Boston College: None

Pros: Has extensive experience at school where recruiting is a challenge, and still has been able to turn around an Army program that was once the weakest of the Service Academies. Good offensive mind, well respected amongst the coaching community, it's only a matter of time before a bigger program snatches him from West Point. 

Cons: Every stop of the way he has been involved in a triple option offense, which I don't see Boston College adopting any time soon. This would mean he would have to move to more of a traditional offensive scheme, which could be a huge leap, especially adding in he would be installing this against an ACC schedule. That could be a huge problem. Team went 5-7 this season, which is the same record Steve Addazio had when he took the job. 

Other Factors To Consider: Monken has no connections with Boston College or Ohio State which makes him seem like a long shot candidate for the Eagles. reported his name as a favorite for the position yesterday, but a lot of outlets have reported lots of things recently so I would take that with a grain of salt. 

Odds to become next HC: 25/1

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I really don’t understand the reluctance for the option offensive system. I loved Nebraska during Osbourne’s Era. Those teams in the 90’s dominated. I’ll take it immediately!


Coach Monken would be the best possible pick. He knows how to re-energize a program, he and some of his current staff are top notch recruiters (like Daryl Dixon, former national recruiting award winner and Ball State coach), and he’s a values coach who would know exactly how to help players succeed at BC. The man is a untapped goldmine of potential for the Eagles and we’d be crazy not to give him some serious consideration.


I personally would love to see him at BC. Yes the Triple Option is a concern but how often does BC get good QB's? Plus Army this year (with a very young team) hung tough with Michigan and lost in OT. Rare is it that Army under Monken would loose and loose badly. The man can friggin coach as Army is usually a place where career's die.