Boston College Coaching Candidate: Pete Carmichael Jr.

A.J. Black

Boston College fired head coach Steve Addazio on Sunday after seven seasons coaching the Eagles. As the coaching search commences, BC Maven will give profiles of many of the known candidates that could become the next head coach of the Eagles. To continue our feature, today let's look at an alumni that has found great success in the NFL, New Orlean Saints offensive coordinator Pete Carmichael Jr. 

Name: Pete Carmichael Jr. 
Age: 48
Born and Raised: Framingham, MA
Previous Experience: Has found almost all of his success at the NFL level, as an assistant coach with the Browns, Redskins and Chargers before becoming a quarterbacks coach at New Orleans, became the offensive coordinator for the Saints in 2009. 
Connections to Boston College: Graduated from Boston College

Pros: Want to breath life into a program? How about bringing in an alumni that has been integral bringing to life one of the most dynamic passing attacks in the NFL. For ten years he has been consistent with the offense, one that has adapted as well with the talent in front of him. He turned the offense from one mainly used to have Drew Brees whip the ball 50 times a game, to more of a balanced attack now that he has arguably the best running back in the NFL in his backfield. He could really revitalize BC's offense and take it in another direction than we had under Addazio. Also, as a Boston College graduate he most likely understands the unique challenges this program brings

Cons: Has zero NCAA coaching experience. Has no experience running a college program or the difficulties associated with it. Hasn't had to recruit. Hasn't been a head coach at any level which could leave a lot of questions for a hire that needs a level of certainty. 

Other Factors: He has been a coordinator for ten years now at New Orleans, does he even want to go to the college level? Or does he want to wait for a head coaching job to open up in the NFL?

AJ's Odds: 10/1

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Mike Giblin
Mike Giblin

Hard pass for me.