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Game Observations (Defense): Boston College 24 Texas State 21

A look at how the defensive side of the ball played yesterday against the Bobcats
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Boston College completed their comeback on Saturday, defeating Texas State 24-21 in Chestnut Hill. 

Here is my instant analysis of the performance by the Boston College defense:

* The biggest issue I saw on Saturday was covering slant routes and throws near the middle of the field. BC did get beat on the edges too, but those are the types of throws you dare the QB to make. Texas State's wide receivers lived up to their reputation and made some fantastic catches out there.

* It was basically a game of two defenses. When BC was able to stay aggressive and make plays they looked like they did against Duke. However, once Texas State started marching, they struggled. Yet with all those marches, Texas State was only able to put up 21 points.

* I thought the refs went 0/3 on their targeting calls. Jahmin Muse and Jarron Morris were ejected, but both appeared to be going for the shoulder when the ball carrier ducked his head. While the final targeting call on the Travis Levy punt return, that was somehow overturned, looked to be the clearest example.

* Speaking of refs, pass interference call on Jason Maitre later in the game was a bad call. He looked to have good position and it was a great sell job by the receiver. If BC is going to play physical with receivers like it looks like they will, these are sometimes going to get called, and it's just something we are going to have to live with. 

* Shittah Sillah was much more noticeable in Saturday's game. Had a sack, and had a handful of tackles. 

* Isaiah McDuffie, had himself a game. It wasn't perfect as he got beaten in space a few times, but he played angry in that second half. The Eagles don't win without him. 

* Solid debut for defensive lineman Max Roberts. The Maine defensive lineman did not look like an FCS player out there, finishing the game with five tackles, 2 TFL and 1.5 sacks. BC needs depth on the defensive line, and more pass rush, he is certainly going to be a guy to watch. 

* True freshman Kam Arnold, who subbed in for an injured Muse at safety looked good out there. Had the game saving tackle on the final defensive play of the game. He is going to probably be a starter moving forward.

* Hafley said the Eagles will need turnovers, but only had one in this game. There were some missed opportunities though. Josh DeBerry had a ball thrown right to him that he dropped, and there was a forced fumble that BC couldn't get on top of.

* Can't be overly harsh on DeBerry though as he is growing to be one of BC's best defensive backs. Had two pass breakups, one leading to the interception by Mike Palmer. 


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