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Boston College Brings Back Throwbacks As Part of Uniform Rotation

Eagles bring back some retro uniforms, including a stripeless helmet and old school logo

Boston College football has been teasing an exciting announcement on social media for over a week, and today they finally gave that answer. After getting their requested 500 retweets, Boston College unveiled throwback white uniforms for away games:

As shown in the video above, these are "Flutie Era" inspired uniforms. Obviously they are not the exact same layout as when they were donned by Heisman Trophy Award winner in the early 1980's, but have the same feel. But the Eagles went back to the block letter logo, something that former AD Martin Jarmond started using in his "Jarmond Collection" clothing line that was located in BC bookstores. Many fans have been clamoring for this old logo to return. 

Other changes that you will notice is that the center stripe on the helmet is gone, and have gone to a pristine shiny gold helmet.  There are added logos on the shoulder pads, nice easy to read outlined numbers and a crisp white. The gold pants are coming with maroon and white stripe on the side. 

This Under Armour uniform combination is not a one off throwback uniform combo. According to my source at Boston College, this will be part of the regular uniform options for the Eagles. The other options are the more standard tops and bottoms that we have seen over the past few years under Under Armour, and the Red Bandana combination. But, like the home uniform "retro" combination, this could be seen multiple times during the season. 

On top of all of this, this whole reveal is just another example of the real dedication by the Boston College social media team to engage a BC community that has dwindled recently. Over the past year, they have produced high quality videos, GIFs and audio that has brought Boston College athletics to the fans at a whole new level. It was remarkable watching this morning, they requested 500 retweets to unveil their secret, and had it in a few hours. 

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Boston College fans are craving football and content, and BC Athletics continues to deliver. 

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