Florida State 38 Boston College 31: Stock Report

A.J. Black

Boston College fell to the Florida State Seminoles 38-31 in the Red Bandana Game. There is a lot to digest, so let's take a look at which players, coaches and units had their stock rise and whose stock fell in the loss.

Stock Went Up

Dennis Grosel: Call him a gamer, a winner, a guy that makes plays, whatever cliche you want to use they all accurately describe the sophomore quarterback's performance yesterday. Over and over again Grosel hit clutch plays whether with his arm or his legs, especially when BC was backed up on third downs. Grosel was especially effective ripping apart FSU's zone defense, which he was able to find receivers over and over again throwing passes with impressive precision. He had what should have been his "moment" when he flipped into the end zone with a game tying touchdown, but unfortunately we saw what happened after that. 

David Bailey: Of the two backs he was the most effective against FSU's stingy defense, and it was his injury that forced Addazio to lean especially hard on AJ Dillon which limited his effectiveness near the end of the game. Hopefully his injury isn't too serious because his loss would be a major blow for the Eagles. 

Kobay White:  There have been moments where White has looked like a top tier wide receiver, yesterday was one of those moments. Two touchdown receptions, and he was Grosel's favorite target throughout the game. 

Stock Down

Zay Flowers: To quote my favorite podcast The Solid Verbal, the true freshmen had some freshmen truths in a tough game. Big drop that along with an AJ Dillon drop killed a drive, while he found no space on his end arounds. 

The Defensive Gameplan And Execution: I could nit pick certain players and what went wrong there but let's just throw Bill Sheridan and Steve Addazio's whole gameplan on here. First off, let's bring back a topic that was brought up yesterday, defensive scheming on obvious passing downs. How many more times can the Eagles stay in a base 4-3 when it's clear that the opposition was going to pass? This is Football 101, but we have seen BC stick with that formation again and again. BC's defensive back depth hasn't shown much in terms of production but wouldn't you rather have cornerbacks Tate Haynes or Josh Deberry lined up out there instead of linebackers like John Lamot or Joe Sparacio. Here is a perfect example, on the play that effectively killed the Eagles late in the 4th quarter:

Secondly, the coverage schemes in general were a mess. After last year's game where Tamorrion Terry beat them on a long touchdown catch in single coverage by Brandon Sebastian with no safety help over the top. How did BC adapt this year? Tamorrion Terry scored on a long touchdown catch in single coverage by Brandon Sebastian with no safety help over the top.  How do you let yourselves get beat again and again making the same mistakes?

Finally, how is Boston College's tackling consistently so poor this year? Play after play BC had players stopped for short to no gain, and play after play FSU receivers/backs/QBs broke loose and turned seemingly everything into a positive gain. That is a systemic issue, something that coaching should be able to fix, but as we have seen we are up to game 10 and this is still a major problem with no solution in sight. 

Steve Addazio: Yesterday was an encapsulation of all the problems that have plagued Boston College under Addazio. First off, special teams were a mess something that has been a problem every year except 2013 under Addazio. Aaron Boumerhi missed two field goals, but what was worse was the coach's decision to play for the field goal instead of going for the points. In the second drive of the game, BC was driving, they had AJ Dillon and David Bailey shoving the ball down their throat seemingly at will, they get to 4th and 4 and instead of possibly stepping on FSU's throat and getting them to quit early he tries a low percentage field goal which they missed. Conservative play calling at it's worst. 

Then right before half we got another perfect amalgamation of Addazio's worst qualities. Driving Dennis Grosel had hit two great third down passes to White, but the drive looked to stall when he was sacked setting up 3rd and 19. Inexplicably Addazio immediately called a timeout much to the bewilderment to the TV announcers with :50 seconds remaining, which if BC failed on the next play would have given FSU plenty of time to score  Grosel hit a 15 yard pass to Jake Burt. With timeouts to burn, he instead elected to see Boumerhi out again into the wind, who had missed this kick before and he shanked it. 

BC had every opportunity to really set the tone of this game, but questionable play calls, and a style that has defined Steve Addazio's tenure at BC, doomed them. 

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Jack, I agree with what you say about Steve Addazio as a person and leader of football players. He has been a huge improvement over Frank Spaziani and has overcome the damage Spaz caused the program. But can you really say that under a better football coach than Steve Addazio BC could not have won one or two more games each season since 2013, Daz's first year, except for 2015, and as a result gone to a better bowl in each of those five years, preferably in a warm place like Florida? And wouldn't the player, student and fan experience at BC games during the season have been far more inspiring and enjoyable, because BC would have won some of the close games it continued to lose under Daz? And couldn't such a coach be found who would uphold the high ethical and moral values that Steve Addazio stands for? After seven years isn't it time for a change?


If there's been any positive revelation from these last few weeks, it's been the play of Grosel. For a preferred walk on, he looks confident that he belongs at this level. He's done a great job running play action, and has done decently with going through his progressions when he drops back to pass. Even after the interception (the one poor decision he really made saturday) he bounced back and gave us a shot at pulling off the impossible (probably could have saved us another 10 seconds if Zay didn't step out of bounds). I really hope next year they give him a chance to compete with AB and Johnson (assuming he develops like his recruiting ranking suggests) for the starting job.


I will post up TOBLUNDERS Record tomorrow & it will surprise you.


I've listened and read the many posts regarding Steve Addazio's tenure at Boston College.... and the bottom line from my perspective is that Addazio may not be a great coach but he is a very good man and he gives the job everything he has...If that's not good enough for the BC "faithful" .... the "faithful" that waiver every week and pick apart both the wins and the losses..... then Steve Addazio would be doing himself a favor by resigning and moving on to another school/position where his character and talent would be more readily appreciated...Think abut who Steve Addazio is not... he is not Bobby Petrino or Rick Pitino.... nor is he the great Jimmy Valvano.... Addazio may never "cut down the nets"...but he has given BC a creditable and hard working team on the field and BC should be proud of this team for who they are now...The BC "faithful" need to shut up and appreciate who they have and the players that represent BC... Addazio has made a big change in the character of this program and he should be appreciated for righting a previously sinking ship.


AJ - would be interested in your thoughts on next month which I’m sure you will have an article on

I still think Eagles find a way to a bowl and possibly get to 7 with a win. That said we are clearly at a impasse with Daz regardless of we win last two, win one or lose both.

We are what we are under him. I don’t love him and think it’s time for a change but also recognize he has program with good foundation in place and that should be appreciated. Team could be very good next year with a few defensive transfers and right HC. Tricky spot for AD because he needs to hire coach who can win now and play to teams strengths which is unbelievable OL for next couple of years, good QB in Grosel and strong backs while improve upon recruiting specifically in speed positions and DL talent