Game Observations (Defense): Boston College 48 Georgia Tech 27

A.J. Black

Boston College easily defeated Georgia Tech 48-27 on Saturday evening at Alumni Stadium. It was the Eagles first time defeating the Yellow Jackets at home, and they did so on 264 yards of rushing along with a pair of turnovers. Here are some quick observations on the defense.

* The pass rush was very good. Just a week after the pass rush looked solid, but couldn't close, the Eagles were able to pressure Jeff Sims and James Graham very effectively. They ended the game with four sacks but even on the plays they weren't able to get there in time for the sack, they got the QB to rush the throw. Noticed more on the pass rush from the defensive line in particular. Defensive end Shittah Sillah, and defensive tackle Chibueze Onwuka both were involved in some big plays on the pass rush. This is big because both defensive linemen haven't really been big factors in this part of the game. 

* Can the league please fix targeting calls? This is what, the third game this season that there has been a targeting call that left us with our head scratching. In my opinion, targeting calls, and ejections, should be reserved for players that recklessly go helmet to helmet or lead with the crown, or smash a defenseless player. None of those happened on the play that led to Josh DeBerry's ejection. Jeff Sims was running the ball and sort of half slid when Deberry hit him with his shoulder. This was one of those bang bang plays that was a) not that hard, and b) left DeBerry with no choice on what to do. It was ridiculous that he missed the rest of the game because of this play. 

* Credit to Tem Lukabu and that defense for fixing the run defense. Just a week after allowing 350 yards on the ground, they did just what Hafley said they would do. They cleaned up the tackling, made sure they were in their spots and held GT, a team that can run the ball effectively to 3.2 yards per carry as a team.

* There looked to be some miscommunication on at least one touchdown pass in the end zone. It appeared that there should have been safety help, I believe Mike Palmer, there to support but he didn't get over in time. If that is the case, Lukabu needs to look at that. Trevor Lawrence will exploit those types of mistakes next week. 

* Elijah Jones had himself a game. Two pass break ups, and looked good in coverage.

* Another very good game from the linebacker tandem of Max Richardson and Isaiah McDuffie. Thought they did a good job in run support, and McDuffie had a big play on 13 yard tackle for a loss. When this pair is on, they set the tone for the defense. 

* The fumble caused by Luc Bequette is all the product of team mentality and coaching. Hafley has talked a lot about how this defense is trained to strip the ball, and we have seen them do it countless times this year. This was a perfect example. Just another run that looked like it would be blown dead, whistle never came, defense ripped ball away and scored a touchdown. Many teams would not have been that aggressive. 

* Another stat that showed how well the defense played? The Eagles held Georgia Tech to 2 of 12 on third down conversions. 

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Thomas Rayam
Thomas Rayam

Note! The message that the defense sent out on the first play from scrimmage, we are here to rip your heads off! Needing a bounce back Performece they held there gaps and made heads up plays! It’s was good to see #99 taking on double teams funneling plays into #93 hands, they both were stout at the line ! Backers and secondary had another good game they got Robbed on DeBerry but life goes on! #18 is a ball hawk that should be leading the ACC in INT’s but life goes on! We will need everyone this to face my old teammate DABO!
Stout at the line
Line backers
And ball hawks!


The fact that they only allowed 3.3 yards per carry is the best part of the defense this week for me. They really cleaned things up, and showed that it wasn’t lack of coaching last week; they just got physically beat, which won’t always happen.


Even the GT chatboards thought that target was ridiculous. There wasn’t a single post defending the call. That’s when you know it’s BAD