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Boston College Mailbag: Renovating Alumni Stadium, Season Predictions and More!

You have questions about Boston College, and we give you the insider answers!
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The opening of the 2022 football season is only a month away and today we answered all of your questions. On today's episode of the Locked on Boston College podcast, we received your questions on Twitter (make sure to follow!) and put together an episode of answers. 

 Below you can check out our answers to 

* Will Boston College renovate Alumni Stadium or build a new stadium?

* Game we are most excited about for the '22 season, and one that we are not excited about. 

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* Talking about the linebackers, can there be growth in the unit this year with a new corp of Kam Arnold, Bryce Steele, Vinny DePalma and Jaylen Blackwell?

* Which freshman basketball player will have the biggest impact on the '22-23 season?

And more!

To get the answers to these questions, check out our Locked on Boston College Youtube channel, which will continue to post fresh content for our listeners, including special bonus content you won't get on your podcast feed. Subscribe to the channel for free, and if you haven't signed up for Youtube before, it's a quick and painless.