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NC State 33 Boston College 7: Observations of the Defense

A look at the Boston College defense against the NC State Wolfpack

On Saturday, Boston College was thrashed at home by the NC State Wolfpack. Here are some observations on the defense. 

* It was kind of a fluky night for Boston College's defense, even though they did allow 31 points. One touchdown was on a blocked/botched punt, another was a flukey catch off the back of BC cornerback Elijah Jones, and another was a bad missed tackle. All in all NC State really only had one true touchdown scoring drive the whole game (that ended with a touchdown pass by Devin Leary). But those two explosives were mistakes, and a huge factor in this game, and have to be factored in the overall perspective of the game. You can't say they played well. That would be a "other than that how was the play Mrs. Lincoln" type of situation. 

* Other than the two explosives, Devin Leary really didn't do a whole lot against BC. He was content to dink and dunk, and that was relatively effective. He wasn't particularly impressive, but did what they needed to do to win the game.

* NC State only had 381 yards, which is a bit deceptive. The Wolfpack basically took their foot off the gas in the fourth quarter.

* BC was pretty effective against the rush, holding Person to 4.2 yards per carry and Knight to 3.8. 

* Third efficiency was solid again. The Eagles held NC State to a 38.5% conversion rate.


*The strip fumble was a horrible no call by the refs. It clearly looked like Emeka Emezie turned up field and made a football move. Totally changed the momentum of the game heading into halftime

* Thought the pressure was solid, they got to Leary and disguised a lot like many had expected. 

* The speed on the edge was something that caught my eye. When NC State flipped a pass to a back or WR and he turned to the edge, BC struggled to get to them before they had already ran for 7-10 yards. Saw this happen a handful of times. 

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