Players From BC Past, Crucial To Future of Program

A.J. Black

It is never easy when you are a new head coach. And it is especially challenging when it's your first time running an entire program. There are loads of responsibilities, such as keeping the roster together, hiring assistants and putting your vision on the field. Unfortunately for BC head coach Jeff Hafley, he had an added challenge, COVID19. But he has found support from one group that has really helped him acclimate to Boston College. The football alumni. 

During Wednesday's press conference, Hafley talked about his relationship with this group. "It's been really, really supportive. And it's made me really happy to be here," he said about their connection. The names of players who have reached out to him, are a who's who in Boston College history. Matt Ryan, Matt Hasselbeck, Doug Flutie. 

The support they have given Hafley and the program has been invaluable. "Whether we've lost the game and I get a text that says, keep your head up, you guys are going in the right direction, or whether it's after a win, you know, proud or happy and just the fact that they're following and reaching out." Hafley explained. "I'm very grateful for that."

The alumni are not just supporting Hafley, but they are actively rooting on the team, and especially new quarterback Phil Jurkovec. If you've followed the team you've seen the hype videos featuring BC legends like Mark Herzlich, Damien Woody, and Will Blackmon. The coach's phone has also been busy, as he has been getting texts from Ryan and Flutie talking about how "fired up they are" about the play of the new gunslinger. ""We're going to lean on them and take any advice we can get because it's obviously very important," Jurkovec explained. 

There is certainly a sense of pride in Hafley as he talked about the community this team is creating amongst players and alumni. He has a vision for the future as well, when it is safe,  he wants to have practices open for all football alumni. It doesn't matter if it's Doug Flutie, or a player who never saw the field.  

"I want them to realize that this is their team. And it's not me, this is their team. And this is what they built. And they've laid the foundation, and I want those guys around." Hafley concluded.

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No. 1-3

It would be great if Pete Kendall texted him and said, “my son Drew can’t wait to come play for you”


This is so refreshing to hear.

Sorry if I keep pounding on Addazio but he clearly did not have the support of our legacy and can only thank Don Brown & Paul Zukauskas if he had any success with local recruits.

I also just monitored Colorado State's Targets for the next two years and he is not even present with any recruit that has competitive offers in the New England area.

We are talking about a New England Man that Coached here for 7 YEARS and he has no relationships to show?


If Doug Flutie and Matt Ryan called me I’d be pretty damn excited so I can only imagine how the team feels!