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Gauging the Fans: COVID19 and The Return Of College Football

With schools reopening, and the start of interactions with live coaches resumes, we look at how the Boston College fanbase feels about the state of college football

Boston College athletes have not yet returned to campus, after the closing of the school due to the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak. Other schools have begun the process and while some have had success, other likes Houston and Alabama have seen multiple positive COVID cases that have put a huge question mark on the start of the season. As cases spike across the country, Massachusetts has seen their numbers dip. Will college football happen this season?

The purpose of the post today is to see how you, the fans feel about the restart of college football. We asked three questions to our followers on Twitter and Facebook. Here are the results.  (In no way are these polls scientific)

Question 1: If BC does allow fans in the stadium, with no restrictions and all fans able to attend, would you go to the games?

Results on Facebook were roughly similar. While schools have yet to reveal any sort of plan on how they will allow fans to return, fans themselves overwhelmingly feel confident that they would return. It's important to note that a few fans responded that they would not due to compromised health and age, but big risk factors for complications from COVID-19. 

Question 2: If BC does allow fans in the stadium, but you have to wear a mask the entire game, would you still go to the games? 

Fans seemed to have no problem having to wear a mask for a four hour long game. With social distancing and mask wearing mandatory or highly recommended in many states this would seem likely. The bigger question here is would fans actually follow through and keep the mask on the whole game, or would they take it off and possibly risk exposing other people. 


Question #3: How many football games will Boston College play this season?

In the planning that has gone into this season that the NCAA revealed this week, the reports mentioned that stopping and starting will most likely happen. The fans however believe that the entire season will happen. 85% of respondents at the time of this writing believe that BC will play at least a half to a full season in 2020. Is this wishful thinking or being overly too optimistic, we shall see. 

How are you feeling about the upcoming season? Sound off in the comment section about your thoughts. 

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