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FSU President Talks Future of Seminoles and Clemson in ACC

Where could FSU and Clemson end up? FSU president gave some interesting comments on the future of the ACC’s top programs

Conference expansion and realignment talk is in full swing with the earth shattering news that Texas and Oklahoma are both leaving the Big 12 and heading to the SEC. It seems that every conference, and team is mentioned in a rumor somewhere on the internet or social media. But for the most part those tweets and comments are just that, rumors. 

However, on Thursday, Florida State president John Thrasher made some eye opening comments to the Tallahassee Democrat about where the Seminoles are looking towards the future. 

"My point to (FSU director of athletics) David Coburn and to (new ACC commissioner) Jim Phillips is I don't want Florida State to be left behind. I consider us as part of the ACC, but I also know that we have a marquee name, Clemson has a marquee name. I think there might be people coming after us, I don't know, but we've got to be prepared no matter what the options are.”

Thrasher, who is retiring, went on to praise the ACC’s academic prowess as well. It is wise to keep all options open, and this could just be spitballing but these comments feed in to some of the most prevasive ACC rumors that have been floated. 

The Seminoles and Tigers are two ACC teams that have been most commonly connected as being a target for potential poaching from other conferences. The two programs have combined for six national titles, and feature two of the most rabid fan bases in the country. 

It is important to note though that both programs have signed grant of rights with the ACC until 2035, due to the creation of the ACC Network.  The projected cost to free the two schools from there current deal would be significant. But this round of realignment is all about big money, and anything could happen.


Even if Clemson and Florida State stick with the ACC, which at this point seems the likely option, Thrasher still believes there are more moves coming up. "The Oklahoma, Texas thing, in my opinion, is the tip of the iceberg,” he told the Democrat. “It's there, but it's certainly going to be much broader than that when it's said and done."

Stay tuned, the next few months could be very eventful in creating a new landscape in college football. 

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