Watch: Jeff Hafley's Speech At BC/BU Intermission

A.J. Black

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Boston College was in the midst of their battle with Boston College at Kelley Rink, but there was another attraction catching fan's attention. Football head coach Jeff Hafley was at the hockey game talking with coach Jerry York, greeting students and giving out pizza before the game.

As BC and BU battled on the ice, trading goals, Hafley watched along ringside in his custom BC hockey jersey with his name embroidered on the back. The big moment came however during the first intermission, when Hafley got on the ice and delivered a speech that left fans roaring, and the internet buzzing. Thankfully Boston College communications got the whole speech recorded, which you can watch below. 

After his speech Hafley headed up to the NESN booth where he continued to talk about about the future of Boston College football. When asked about his offense he talked about the need to assess what he has on the roster in terms of wide receivers, tight ends etc. He also gave a hint on the style of offense he envisions, taking a slight dig at the old philosophy in the process "We’re going to make teams defend the whole field this year.” 

Hafley has already been to a basketball and hockey game in his first month of being a head coach. It can only be a positive that the football coach seems part of the community. In the past it has been a position that has been seen by the alumni and students as aloof and not connected to other orbits within the school. If Hafley truly wants everyone at Boston College football to "Get In" as his motto has been, these outings are going to be a great first step. 

But even if there are still doubters, Hafley has a message that he told on NESN “I don’t think everybody is in, I’m an honest guy." he explained "We will get them in. Believe that”