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York Retires: Players and Coaches React

Former and current players and coaches went to Twitter to react to Jerry York's retirement

On Wednesday, legendary Boston College men's hockey head coach Jerry York announced his retirement. After five national titles and 1123 wins, York's coaching resume puts him in elite company in all of sports. Here is how some of his former assistants, players and fellow BC coaches reacted to the news on Twitter.

Marc McLaughlin- Forward (2018-2022)

"Could not have asked for a better coach and role model over the past 4 years. Honored to have played for Coach York!! Congrats on a legendary career!!"

Nathan Gerbe- Forward (2005-2008)

"Grateful to had the opportunity to play for Jerry. I will always remember his positive attitude and influence"

Marshall Warren- Defensemen (2019-present)

"Truly an honor to play for Coach York. One of the best people I’ve ever met. Congrats on an unbelievable career"


Patrick Giles- Forward (present)

"Hall of Fame coach, Hall of Fame person. Congratulations on a legendary career!"

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Fellow Boston College coaches:

Jeff Hafley- Football

"Congratulations Coach York! What an honor and a privilege it has been to get to know you, and watch you coach. Not only the best in the profession, but the classiest I have ever been around!"


Joanna McNamee- Women's Basketball

"Words can’t express how legendary Coach York is…from his heart warming smile to his fatherly advise he makes the world around him brighter! We love you Coach, thank you for being an amazing mentor and friend you will be sorely missed!

Dave Deguglielmo- Offensive Line Coach

"Much respect & best wishes from a BU kid turned BC guy...farewell bladed #BIGDOG...forget Disney, Coach York is a better version of FROZEN...a fairytale bursting with life lessons...thanks coach, "let it go" & live like a #BIGDOG deserves to live!"

Katie King Crowley- Women's Hockey Coach

"Congratulations Jerry! So grateful to have such a great mentor and friend to work along side in our college hockey profession. Thank you, Jerry, for everything you did for me and for our @BC_WHockey program along the way. Enjoy your well-deserved retirement! #ForBoston"