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Morning Bulletin: Storming The Field

A look at the world of Boston College sports on Tuesday

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Clemson Will Be Out Some Big Names

The Tigers will be out a few big names on Saturday, as running back Will Shipley, and defensive lineman Bryan Bresee will both be out of the game. It appears that linebacker James Skalski will be ready to play on Saturday.

Cinematic Highlights of Win

Locked on Boston College----How Big of A Win?

On Tuesday's show we take a second look at the Missouri game and ask some follow up questions about the after math. For a game against a 2-1 SEC school, how important truly was this win to the program? We look at some of BC's other big wins from the post-Matt Ryan years and ask, is this win bigger?


Secondly, we have Mitch Wolfe on again to look at the most controversial part of the Boston College win. The storming of the field by the fan base. Mocked by some, we discuss if it is okay to storm the field against a team that isn't necessarily considered a huge favorite or upset in the game. Hear our thoughts on this subject.

Finally, we look at the news and notes from BC football from the past few days.

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