'20 Boston College Commit Kevin Pyne (OT) Highlights + Evaluation

Matt Solorio

Kevin Pyne's commitment to play for Boston College marks their 2nd class of 2020 commit over 6'8. Even for D1's, that's pretty rare. His frame alone is enough to garner a lot of interest from recruiters, but when you see his ability to move in space, you understand why his services are in high demand. 

Despite his size, he can and does show the ability to get low and use leverage on smaller defensive lineman. Mind you, he's only 275 (Hudl weight), really not that much heavier than a decent sized High School defensive lineman. He clamps onto his targets. and finishes blocks very well

On perimeter plays that sees Pyne moving laterally, he understands the difference between holding, and running with/escorting a defender to a specific point. What this looks like is, when you can't reach a defender and get to his outside shoulder, the next best thing would be to run him to the boundary so the ballcarrier can cut back. 

Obviously, offensive linemen love pancakes (and Pyne gets a lot of them), but he doesn't let his love of breakfast food get in the way of his teammate's success. 

Pyne can do it ALL. Lay out a mean down block, skip-pull, club-and-go (screens), and reach block. 

His film didn't feature many pass sets, but judging off the feet and effort we see from his downfield blocking, he seems capable of learning. However, moving backwards and blocking defenders is a lot different than moving forwards or even to the side and blocking. Offensive Lineman Are Athletes Too. 

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