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'22 Defensive End Micah Wing "Honored and Humbled" by Boston College Offer

A lightning quick defensive end, who's versatility could be a real weapon at the collegiate level. We spoke with Wing about his Boston College offer

The Boston College Eagles were busy in Delaware recently offering '22 defensive end Micah Wing

Wing, who attends Caravel Academy in Bear, Delaware already has started to build a solid offer sheet. As of this writing he has offers from Rutgers, Kansas, and Pittsburgh. He spoke to BC Bulletin about his offer, and the connection that is growing with the coaching staff. 

When he received his offer, Wing was busy training. He broke down the events, "I was at workouts at Alpha Training, where I train every morning," he explained. "I saw that my coach gave me a call, so I called him back. He told me he had good news for me and that Boston College wanted to offer me." Wing expressed the emotions of getting the offer, "I was very excited but humbled and honored at the same time. Definitely was a weird mixture."

He talked about his gameplay as well. "I talked to Coach Steve (Shimko). As many coaches say, they love my hybrid ability," he explained. "Just coming off the ball hard and fast and getting very physical with the offense to corrupt the play is usually my main goal every time the ball is snapped. And having the ability to rush the quarterback or dropping back to linebacker to cover has benefited me a lot with the recruitment process."


When asked about what he is looking for in a program he elaborated. "Honestly, I just want a program that supports me athletically and academically. A program that makes sure your handling your responsibilities on and off the field. A program that will help you create a plan B just in case plan A doesn’t work. And ensures that your successful and strive amongst others."

BC Bulletin will keep you up to date on any recruiting news around Micah Wing. 

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