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Aaron Rodgers Talks 'The Match,' Compliments Charles Barkley's Golf With TNT NBA Crew

Former Cal star doesn't think much of the golf games of Patrick Mahomes and Josh Allen as he and Tom Brady banter with 'Inside the NBA' foursome

Former Cal star Aaron Rodgers said he's "impressed" with Charles Barkley's improvement on the golf course, but he doesn't' think much of the golf games of Patrick Mahomes an Josh Allen, the pair Rodgers and Tom Brady will face in this year's version of "The Match," a televised charity golf match scheduled for June 1.

"I've done my scouting report," Rodgers said Sunday night while being interviewed by the "Inside the NBA" crew of Charles Barkley, Shaquille O'Neal, Kenny Smith and Ernie Johnson. "and I heard that Josh was terrible at Pebble [Beach], and Pat has played the last couple of years in Tahoe and hasn't broken 80 yet, and I think he was closer to being in a group with you, no offense, Charles, than with me at Tahoe, so I feel really good about our chances.

"I look forward to the opportunity to showing these young guys a little something on the course."

Rodgers had kinder words for Barkley, who, along with Johnson, will do the TV commentary for "The Match."

"I've seen your swing on the range, Charles, and I've been impressed, because I've been at Tahoe for 17 years and seen a lot of iterations, everything from two-handed to one-handed, to right-handed, to left-handed, to the hitch, and no hitch. I’m happy for you, big fella. I’m proud of you,” Rodgers said.

Brady, for his part, said he would be willing to put a bet down on the match.

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"Whatever those guys want to bet," Brady said. ."I'm probably the lowest paid guy on the golf course this time around between those three heavy hitters."

Rodgers was paired with Bryson DeChambeau last year and beat Brady and partner Phil Mickelson.

"Last year Tommy was on the other team, had to give him a beat down. This year it'll be nice to win it with him," Rodgers said.

Here are some highlights from last year's matchup:


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