Quarterback: 4

  • Drake Maye: 6'5" 210lbs, Pro-Style QB, Myers Park (Charlotte, NC) 4-Star recruit, 6th ranked QB, ranked 55th nationally. Committed to UNC.
  • Caleb Williams: 6'2" 209lbs, Dual-Threat QB, Gonzaga (Washington DC) 5-Star recruit, 1st ranked QB, ranked 5th nationally.
  • Eli Stowers: 6'4" 215lbs, Dual-Threat QB, Guyers (Denton, TX) 4-Star recruit, 7th ranked QB, ranked 147th nationally, Committed to Texas A&M.
  • Christian Veilleux: 6'3.5" 201 lbs, Pro-Style QB, The Bullis School (Potomac, MD) 4-Star recruit, 15th ranked QB, ranked 291st nationally.

Running Back: 4

  • Will Shipley: 5'11" 198lbs, All-Purpose Back, Weddington (Matthews, NC) 5-Star recruit, 1st ranked RB, ranked 20th nationally.
  • TreVeyon Henderson: 5'11, 195lbs, Running Back, Hopewell (Hopewell, VA) 5-Star recruit, 2nd ranked RB, ranked 17th nationally. Committed to Ohio State.
  • Phil Mafah: (Committed) 6'1", 215lbs, Running Back, Grayson (Loganville, GA) 4-Star recruit, 18th ranked RB, ranked 279th nationally. Committed to Clemson.
  • Malik Newton: 5'11.5" 223lbs, Running Back, Lake Taylor (Norfolk, VA) 3-Star recruit, 35th ranked RB, ranked 485th nationally.

Wide Receiver: 7

  • Emeka Egbuka: 6'1" 190lbs, Wide Receiver, Steilacoom (Steilacoom, WA) 5-Star recruit, 1st ranked WR, ranked 9th nationally.
  • Agiye Hall: 6'3" 190lbs, Wide Receiver, IMG Academy (Bradenton, FL) 4-Star recruit, 10th ranked WR, ranked 65th nationally.
  • Beaux Collins: (Committed) 6'2.5" 195lbs, Wide Receiver, St. John Bosco (Bellflower, CA) 4-Star recruit, 7th ranked WR, ranked 55th nationally. Committed to Clemson.
  • Mario Williams: 5'10" 165lbs, Wide Receiver, Plant City (Plant City, FL) 4-Star recruit, 4th ranked WR, ranked 40th nationally.
  • Romello Brinson: 6'2" 180lbs, Wide Receiver, Northwestern (Miami, FL) 4-Star recruit, 24th ranked WR, ranked 138th nationally.
  • Dacari Collins: (Committed) 6'3.5" 200lbs, Wide Receiver, Westlake (Atlanta, GA) 4-Star recruit, 32nd ranked WR, ranked 176th nationally. Committed to Clemson.
  • Troy Stellato: 6'0" 172, Wide Receiver, Cardinal Gibbons (Fort Lauderdale, FL) 4-Star recruit, 25th ranked WR, ranked 151st nationally.

Offensive Line: 9

  • Tommy Brockermeyer: 6'6.25" 283lbs, Offensive Tackle, All Saints Episcopal (Fort Worth, TX) 5-Star recruit, 1st ranked OT, ranked 3rd nationally.
  • Nolan Rucci: 6'8" 266lbs, Offensive Tackle, Warwick (Lititz, PA) 5-Star recruit, 3rd ranked OT, ranked 14th nationally.
  • Micah Morris: 6'4" 316lbs, Offensive Tackle, Camden County (Kingsland, GA) 4-Star recruit, 11th ranked OT, ranked 72nd nationally.
  • Marcus Tate: (Committed) 6'4.5" 318lbs, Offensive Guard, University School (Fort Lauderdale, FL) 4-Star recruit, 5th ranked OG, ranked 116th nationally. Committed to Clemson.
  • Ryan Linthicum: (Committed) 6'4" 275lbs, Center, Damascus (Damascus, MD) 4-Star recruit, 1st ranked C, ranked 189th nationally. Committed to Clemson.
  • Tristan Leigh: 6'5" 275lbs, Offensive Tackle, Robinson Secondary (Fairfax, VA) 5-Star recruit, 4th ranked OT, ranked 15th nationally.
  • Jager Burton: 6'4" 271lbs, Offensive Guard, Frederick Douglass (Lexington, KY) 4-Star recruit, 8th ranked OG, ranked 156th nationally.
  • Dietrick Pennington: 6'5" 326lbs, Offensive Guard, Evangelical Christian (Cordova, TX) 4-Star recruit, 14th ranked OG, ranked 239th nationally.
  • Jared Wilson: 6'4" 325lbs, Offensive Guard, West Forsyth (Clemmons, NC) 3-Star recruit, 21st ranked OG, ranked 378th nationally.

Tight End: 1

  • Jake Briningstool: (Committed) 6'6" 215lbs, Tight End, Ravenwood (Brentwood, TN) 4-Star recruit, 1st ranked TE, ranked 78th nationally. Committed to Clemson.

Defensive Line: 6

  • Korey Foreman: (Committed) 6'4" 265lbs, Strong-Side Defensive End, Centennial (Corona, CA) 5-Star recruit, 1st ranked SDE, ranked 1st nationally. Committed to Clemson.
  • Payton Page: 6'4" 315lbs, Defensive Tackle, Dudley (Greensboro, NC) 5-Star recruit, 4th ranked DT, ranked 28th nationally.
  • Cade Denhoff: (Committed) 6'4.5" 225lbs, Strong-Side Defensive End, Lakeland Christian School (Lakeland FL) 4-Star recruit, 5th ranked SDE, ranked 87th nationally.
  • Demeioun Robinson: 6'3" 220lbs, Weak-Side Defensive End, Quince Orchard (Gaithersburg, MD) 4-Star recruit, 2nd ranked WDE, ranked 48th nationally. Committed to Maryland. 
  • Katron Evans: 6'4" 320lbs, Defensive Tackle, St. Frances Academy (Baltimore, MD) 4-Star recruit, 10th ranked DT, ranked 181st nationally.
  • Zaire Patterson: 6'6" 215lbs, Weak-Side Defensive End, Winstom-Salem Prep (Winston-Salem, NC) 4-Star recruit, 18th ranked WDE, ranked 328th nationally.

Linebacker: 11

  • Terrance Lewis: 6'1" 195lbs, Outside Linebacker, Chaminade-Madonna Prep (Hollywood, FL) 5-Star recruit, 1st ranked OLB, ranked 10th nationally.
  • Smael Mondon: 6'3" 215lbs, Outside Linebacker, Paulding County (Dallas, GA) 4-Star recruit, 2nd ranked OLB, ranked 23rd nationally.
  • Branden Jennings: 6'3.5" 225lbs, Outside Linebacker, Sandalwood (Jacksonville, FL) 4-Star recruit, 6th ranked OLB, ranked 75th nationally. Committed to Florida State.
  • Barrett Carter: 6'1" 210lbs, Outside Linebacker, North Gwinnett (Suwanee, GA) 4-Star recruit, 4th ranked OLB, ranked 54th nationally.
  • Xavian Sorey: 6'3" 214bs, Outside Linebacker, Graceville (Graceville, FL) 4-Star recruit, 5th ranked OLB, ranked 61st nationally.
  • Aaron Willis: 6'0" 200lbs, Outside Linebacker, St. Frances Academy (Baltimore, MD) 4-Star recruit, 9th ranked OLB, ranked 109th nationally.
  • Jeremiah Trotter Jr.: (Committed) 6'0" 210lbs, Inside Linebacker, St. Joseph's (Philadelphia, PA) 4-Star recruit, 1st ranked ILB, ranked 35th nationally. Committed to Clemson.
  • Reid Carrico: 6'3" 225lbs, Inside Linebacker, Ironton (Ironton, OH) 4-Star recruit, 2nd ranked ILB, ranked 73rd nationally. Committed to Ohio State.
  • Jonathon Flowe: 6'1" 200lbs, Outside Linebacker, Upland (Upland, CA) 4-Star recruit, 13th ranked OLB, ranked 157th nationally.
  • Power Echols: 6'1" 206lbs, Inside Linebacker, Zebulon B. Vance (Charlotte, NC) 4-Star recruit, 7th ranked ILB, ranked 193rd nationally. Committed to UNC.
  • Chaz Chambliss: 6'2" 239lbs, Outside Linebacker, Carrollton (Carrollton, GA) 4-Star recruit, 20th ranked OLB, ranked 246th nationally.

Cornerback: 10

  • Tony Grimes: 6'0" 180lbs, Cornerback, Princess Anne (Virginia Beach, VA) 5-Star recruit, 1st ranked CB, ranked 7th nationally.
  • Ga-Quincy McKinstry: 5'11.5" 172lbs, Cornerback, Pinson Valley (Pinson, AL) 5-Star recruit, 2nd ranked CB, ranked 18th nationally.
  • Jason Marshall: 6'2" 180lbs, Cornerback, Miami Palmetto (Miami, FL) 5-Star recruit, 3rd ranked CB, ranked 32nd nationally.
  • Jakailin Johnson: 6'0" 168lbs, Cornerback, DeSmet (St. Louis, MO) 4-Star recruit, 4th ranked CB, ranked 59th nationally. Committed to Ohio State.
  • Clinton Burton Jr.: 5'11" 170lbs, Cornerback, St. Frances Academy (Baltimore, MD) 4-Star recruit, 13th ranked CB, ranked 135th nationally. Committed to Florida.
  • Nyland Green: 6'2" 183lbs, Cornerback, Newton (Convington, GA) 4-Star recruit, 9th ranked CB, ranked 96th nationally.
  • Jordan Hancock: 6'0" 170lbs, Cornerback, North Gwinnett (Suwanee, GA) 4-Star recruit, 6th ranked CB, ranked 82nd nationally.
  • Ryan Barnes: 6'2" 175lbs, Cornerback, Quince Orchard (Gaithersburg, MD) 3-Star recruit, 42nd ranked CB, ranked 541st nationally.
  • Kevin Knowles: 5'10" 168lbs, Cornerback, McArthur (Hollywood, FL) 3-Star recruit, 65th ranked CB, ranked 655th nationally.
  • Philip Riley: 6'1" 190lbs, Cornerback, Bloomingdale (Valrice, FL) 3-Star recruit, 26th ranked CB, ranked 349th nationally.

Safety: 9

  • James Williams: 6'5" 218lbs, Safety, Western (Fort Lauderdale, FL) 5-Star recruit, 1st ranked S, ranked 6th nationally.
  • Derrick Davis Jr.: 6'1" 194lbs, Safety, Gateway (Monroeville, PA) 4-Star recruit, 2nd ranked S, ranked 44th nationally.
  • Corey Collier: 6'2" 170lbs, Safety, Miami Palmetto (Miami, FL) 4-Star recruit, 3rd ranked S, ranked 60th nationally.
  • Kendal Daniels: 6'4" 190lbs, Safety, Beggs (Beggs, OK) 4-Star recruit, 9th ranked S, ranked 216th nationally. 
  • Khari Gee: 6'3" 185lbs, Safety, Woodward Academy (Atlanta, GA) 4-Star recruit, 13th ranked S, ranked 317th nationally.
  • Kamren Kitchens: 5'10" 174lbs, Safety, Northwestern (Miami, FL) 4-Star recruit, 15th ranked S, ranked 336th nationally.
  • Andrew Makuba: 5'11" 181lbs, Safety, LBJ (Austin, Texas) 3-Star recruit, 19th ranked S, ranked 360th nationally.
  • Dakota Mitchell: 5'11" 170lbs, Safety, Winter Park (Winter Park, FL) 3-Star recruit, 21st ranked S, ranked 404th nationally. Committed to LSU. 
  • De'Shawn Rucker: 5'11" 170lbs, Safety, Amos P. Godby (Tallahassee, FL) 3-Star recruit, 40th ranked S, ranked 592nd nationally.

Athlete: 4

  • Sage Ryan: 5'11" 193lbs, Athlete, Lafayette Christian Academy (Lafayette, LA) 4-Star recruit, 1st ranked ATH, ranked 39th nationally.
  • DeAndre Boykins: 5'11" 184lbs, Athlete, Central Cabarrus (Concord, NC) 4-Star recruit, 8th ranked ATH, ranked 177th nationally. Committed to UNC.  
  • Jaylin Smith: 5'11" 180lbs, Athlete, Bishop Alemany (Mission Hills, CA) 3-Star recruit, 27th ranked ATH, ranked 357th nationally.
  • Nathaniel Wiggins: 6'2" 170lbs. Athlete, Westlake (Atlanta, GA) 4-star recruit, 11th ranked ATH, ranked 209th nationally.