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The events from this past week have sent shockwaves across the nation. It has brought out a lot of emotion from all different types of people. 

The leaders in the community know they it is their duty to step up and say something. 

College coaches, especially those in sports such as football and basketball, coach primarily black athletes which is a community that has been vastly impacted over the last week. 

Some coaches have decided to say something, some have remained silent.

Head women's basketball coach JR Payne has taken to Twitter and has spread messages of support of the black community. On Saturday, she released a statement via Twitter.

"For days now, I've had thoughts running through my heard," Payne started. "I am just so heartbroken right now. Listening to my players talk about their fear going for a run, their fear walking into a store with a hoody on...Looking at my beautiful 4-year-old son and wondering how long until he is deemed a threat. My co-workers, my husband, our recruits...all amazing people...adjusting their behaviors, worried about simple every day actions. It's downright TRAGIC! EVERY SINGLE ONE OF US Can do something! MUST do something!"

Associate head coach Mike Rohn of the CU men's basketball team also released a powerful statement. 

"TRUTH - We need to be able to live it, tell it and take it. May God give us the strength to see that the things that divide us should never be greater than the things that UNITE us. The key successful leadership is our influence, not authority."

He added a quote from Benjamin Franklin, "Justice will not be served until those who are unaffected are as outraged as those who are."

And added #BlackLivesMatter #CoachesStandforJustice #Vote. 

Other CU leaders such as Chancellor Phil DiStefano and Athletic Director Rick George have released statements or have said something on Twitter.

It has been complete silence from head football coach Karl Dorrell and head men's basketball coach Tad Boyle.