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Colorado Buffaloes speak out over death of George Floyd

The whole country has been reacting to the killing of George Floyd due to police violence and it's no different at Colorado.

The death and murder of George Floyd has sent shockwaves through the entire country. 

Floyd was killed after being detained when a Minneapolis police officer put a blood choke on Floyd by cutting off the circulation to his head, forcing him to not be able to breathe. 

People have been distraught over the horrific incident. And that is no different for the athletes at the University of Colorado that took to Twitter after catching wind of the despicable act. 

It hit closer to home, literally, for star point guard McKinley Wright, a Minnesota native.

It's almost unfathomable to understand what this is like for black families. They live in fear every single day and these types of incidents just escalate that fear. 

"My parents texted me in fear this morning, continuously reminding me of their love for me," Wright wrote on Twitter. "It’s heartbreaking that all black parents are worried if their child will return home everytime their child leaves the house."

He wasn't the only one that weighed in. Evan Battey, who grew up in Los Angeles, said his dad always warned him about dealing with the police. And his dad is in the police department. 

The Director of Player Development for CU hoops, Nate Tomlinson, was in full support of his two athletes speaking out. 

There were also some members of the football team that spoke out on the matter. One of them was Lloyd Murray, a redshirt freshman defensive tackle, and another was graduate assistant Aziz Shittu.