Are We Sure Tyler Bey Shooting 3s Is A Good Thing?

Tully Corcoran

Everybody is feeling good after beating Arizona State in China, but I'm wondering if the Buffaloes might be feeling a little too good about the prospects of Tyler Bey becoming a 3-point shooter. 

In this BuffZone story, Tad Boyle is talking about how Bey has shown himself to be a good 3-point shooter, and that he needs to stick to certain kinds of 3-pointers -- specifically, trailing 3s and and penetrate-and-kick 3s. 

“I want him to shoot the trail threes. I want him to be able to shoot the ball in a penetrate-and-kick situation. The three I want him to get out of his game is the pick-and-pop three right now,” Boyle said. “He’s such a good roller to the rim, puts such pressure on the rim and such a good finisher. Tyler only took one bad shot. And none of the threes were bad shots. They were all wide open. His feet were set. He’s proven in practice he can make that shot. I’m fine with it. I just don’t want him hunting those threes. Those threes will come. And I don’t really think he hunted them. Only one of those threes was a pick-and-pop that I want to get out of the equation.”

This is all great in theory. It's just that since the beginning of last season, Bey is 5-for-26 from the 3-point line. That's 19.2 percent. 

I'm not doubting that he makes open 3s in practice. But I have my doubts that's ever going to translate to games in any reliable manner. For this to work, Bey most likely is going to have to be even more selective than Boyle is suggesting. I'd imagine wide-open trailer 3s and wide-open corner 3s would be about it. 

For that to make any sense at all, he'll need to be making about 35 percent. Maybe Bey can do that, but he's a ways off at this point.