LeBron James says "Ohio State or Colorado" are his teams in College Football 25

The NBA Superstar reveals his favorites to Kai Cenat ahead of the wide release from EA Sports
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Kai Cenat was one of the lucky few to get early access to play EA Sports Co itllege Football 25. While checking out the game on Monday night, the two-time Streamer of the Year got a call from LeBron James, who dropped some knowledge into the conversation.

The NBA superstar turned up the heat a bit and revealed his two teams for the game. The first was Ohio State, which is no surprise to anyone. James even admitted he would've been a Buckeye, if he didn't come out of high school and right into the league. The second shows his ties to another GOAT with Deion Sanders and Colorado being on the short list.

In the words of Shedeur Sanders, it was all "Perfect Timing." Outside of the upcoming release of the game, Coach Prime is being represented by LBJ. The "Prime Effect" has even spread to James and the highly anticipated release of the Nike LeBron 21 "Prime Year." This particular sneaker holds a special place in the hearts of both basketball and football fans, as it represents a tribute from NBA superstar LeBron James to Sanders.

James debuted a red and white player-exclusive colorway of his 21st signature Nike sneaker during the NBA season, drawing inspiration from Sanders' own signature model, the Nike Air Max DT 96. This model was a staple for Sanders during his prime years, whether he was dominating on the football field or the baseball diamond—even on the same day.

Cenat and James will be trying to decide who will be playing with Coach Prime the Buffs soon. They're reportedly working on scheduling a dual stream and showing the world College Football 25.

EA Sports set aside $6.6 million to pay 11,000 college football players a lump sum of $600 each. The players who decided to opt-in will become an "ambassador" and receive a free copy of the mastered product. Colorado's Travis Hunter was one of three players to grace the cover of the first edition in 11 years.

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