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Travis Hunter will see dollar signs in his career. But it's not worth leaving Colorado for a pay day. The incredibly talented two-way player who came with Deion Sanders from Jackson State reportedly turned down an offer to jump.

Coach Prime told 247Sports there were multiple attempts to poach Hunter.

"People offered Travis Hunter a bag. About $1.5 million to try to lure him and buy him out of the transfer portal," Prime said. "But Travis is not the kind of guy that can be bought. He isn't built like that. Travis is a relational young man that is built on relationships and stability. And that’s what he wanted and desired. That is why he decided to ride and stay with us.

"I cannot wait until they see what he is capable of doing in these next couple of years. Because he will be a top-5 or top-3 pick after his junior year. But the sky’s the limit, he is going to play both ways and he is a vital part of the offense and the defense, and he wants that."

Three schools were said to be in contact with the CU recruit. Many have rumored that Alabama, Ohio State, and Georgia were trying to force a flip.

Hunter, a five-star recruit, was the top prospect in the 2022 c

lass and is noted with a perfect 100 rating, according to 247 rankings. He's also a top ten all-time defensive back with fellow CU teammate Cormani McClain. While playing in the secondary is a perfect fit, Hunter excelled as a top-tier wideout at JSU last season.