Coach K Has Concerns Over Holding NCAA Tournament at One Site


The NCAA announced that this year’s tournament will all take place at one site, most likely Indianapolis.

Duke coach Mike Krzyzewski, who had earlier lobbied unsuccessfully for making all teams eligible for this year’s tournament, isn’t sure how the one-site model will work.

“It’s not the only route,” he said on the ACC coaches video conference. “When you’re trying to do different things, I’m sure lot of different plans were discussed. I’d like to know more about it. I know we’re all supposed to—and hopefully we’re one of them—go to Indianapolis.”

Krzyzewski is working with the NABC (coach association) to find out more about the NCAA’s plans.

“I’m actually going to be on conference call in about a half hour that the NABC does with Danny Gavitt [the NCAA’s vice president of basketball], Craig Robinson [the NABC executive director]. It’s an ad hoc committee with Roy [Williams], myself, Mark Few, a bunch of guys. We’ve had it every week for a couple months. I’m sure they’re going to explain it a little bit more.”

Krzyzewski has questions, including whether the season should start next week.

“Logistically, I think it’s a challenge to get that many teams there, but I’m glad they’re looking at different things including—I would hope they always keep in mind if it did get bad—worse than what it is. It’s already bad—then you could have it later. I’ve always been a proponent of that—starting the season later. Hopefully we’ll find out a little bit more. I’m glad they’re looking into things. We need to have the tournament, no question.”