Coach K: "You May Be Asking, 'Why Now?'"

Krzyzewski explains why it's time to retire

Coach Mike Krzyzewski announced his retirement as Duke coach, effective at the end of the upcoming season.

During his press conference, Coach K addressed the question on everyone’s mind.

“You might ask, 'Why are you doing this right now?'” he said. “Look, this is not about health. Mickie and I, whether we look it, she does, whether I look healthy, I am. It is not about COVID or saying that year was so bad. It is not about that. It is certainly not about what is going on in college basketball – ‘Boy the game is changing!’ Okay. I’ve been in it for 46 years and you mean the game has never changed? The progression of the game. We have always had to adapt. To the changes in culture, the changes in rules. The changes in the world. We are going through one right now. That is not the reason. Those aren't the reasons. Those would be bad reasons, especially the health one. The reason we are doing this is because Mickie and I have decided the journey is going to be over in a year and we are going to go after it as hard as we possibly can. Then, we are going to be a part of Duke's continuing journey for as long as we are around.”

Krzyzewski also thanked his family, for the first of several times in a highly emotional press conference.

“The last thing I would like to say before answering any questions if you have any. The biggest opportunity I have had in my life and the people that believe in me the most are my ladies – my wife and my three daughters have made me so much better. They have been there in those dark days and those dark nights. Those celebratory times too. They have always been there for me. Thank you.”