Duke's Wendell Moore Jr. on His Role on the NABC Advisory Committee


Wendell Moore Jr. was one of 11 players chosen for the inaugural advisory committee for the NABC. The coaches organization will seek input from the players on issues related to the sport.

“Coach (Mike Krzyzewski) approached me with the opportunity,” Moore said. “He figured this would be something I would be good at, really something for me to improve my leadership skills and just using my voice to be heard throughout the country.”

Moore had earlier organized a Black Lives Matter protest event in his hometown of Concord, and this committee seemed like a natural extension of his growing interest in improving the world.

“The march was definitely a start,” he said, “something special I wanted to do. Just having this opportunity allows me to continue using that platform, the group we have in that community just doing everything we can to make things easier and better for all athletes in the NCAA.”

Moore hopes the committee will have input in all areas of the college experience for players.

“This is the start of something special,” he said. “We’re kind of like the experimental group of guys. Hopefully, this will become a larger thing. Hopefully, it will map out to be like the NBA Players Union. We just want to have input in everything that goes in with college basketball: how we play games, how many games we play, the money that goes into it, what happens to players. We just want players to be treated fairly, so they don’t lose interest in their sport early, that way. You see guys going to the G League. We want to have opportunities to keep guys in college. Obviously, college is a once in a lifetime experience. We want to make it that way for all athletes.”