Seth Greenberg Breaks Down Duke vs Louisville


On Saturday, No. 3 Duke hosts No. 11 Louisville in a marquee ACC matchup. ESPN analyst Seth Greenberg, on hand to host College Gameday from Cameron Indoor Stadium on Saturday morning, broke down the matchup.

“To me, the game comes down to Tre Jones, not only defending but disrupting the perimeter game of Louisville,” he said. “On the other end, establish Vernon Carey. How does he handle the big doubles, because that’s what they’re going to do. This is a Louisville team that’s done a good job defending the post. That’s a strength of theirs. And how much can Duke get out of the transition game?”

The key, however, could come down to stopping the Cardinals.

“I think it’s going to come down to the defensive end,” he said. “Can you disrupt? Can you put enough pressure on the basketball to make Darius Perry, Fresh Kimble and now David Johnson, can you push them out one step further? That’s what Texas Tech did. Really, pushing a guy out just one step further really disrupts the tempo and rhythm of what you’re doing offensively. I think that’s really going to be a big, big part of it.”

Greenberg also said that, although Duke may not have the talent of last year’s team, that’s no different than the rest of college basketball.

“Here’s the thing,” he said. “They have as much or more talent, in relation to the field. They’re not playing against last year’s field. Eighty seven underclassmen went out in the NBA Draft. Look through the league. They’ve played two nationally ranked teams this season. They only have one left, and that’s Louisville. College basketball’s not as talented as it was last year. When you look at this team, in relation to the field, it’s probably as talented as last year’s in relation to the field. This team has a legit chance to end up being the best in the country.”