Jay Bilas Responds to Duke A.D. Statement on NIL Rights

Former Blue Devil critical of Kevin White's opposition
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Former Duke basketball player Jay Bilas took issue with Blue Devils athletic director Kevin White’s statement on pending name, image and likeness (NIL) legislation.

White released a statement on social media on Tuesday, saying he was “deeply concerned” about consequences from pending NIL legislation that would give student athletes the right to profit from their image while in school.

White was concerned about the impact on recruiting, essentially creating bidding wars for players. He also thought female athletes and Olympic sports athletes would be shortchanged.

Bilas, who played for Duke from 1982 to 1986, later served as an assistant coach for Mike Krzyzewski, and is now a commentator for ESPN and outspoken critic of the NCAA, replied to White’s statement with a pair of tweets.

In the first, he quoted White’s statement and said, “This is stunning in its tone deafness. It says, ‘the money is ours, to pay ourselves fair market value, and should not be re-directed’ to where clear value lies. We shall call for strict equality here only, as we fail to provide equal resources to each sport or athlete.’”

Bilas followed up with, “Further, ‘We are worried about recruiting, and know the most important key to winning and financial gain is procuring athletes.”

White also quoted concerns raised by NCAA student athletes on the organization’s advisory committee. Bilas’ second tweet also took aim at White citing the students.

“We point to a hand-picked ‘relative few’ that parrot us, but ask you to ignore the athletes that will benefit most. It’s OUR MONEY, not theirs.’”