Duke Scoring List: Stephen F. Austin

Blue Devils move up despite loss
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Stephen F. Austin’s Cameron Johnson scored 16 points, which ties UNC’s Cameron Johnson and Duke’s Cam Reddish for the seventh most points scored in Cameron by someone named Cameron. He also moved into a tie with Clemson’s Tom Cameron for fifth on the Camerons in Cameron career scoring list, behind Reddish, Duke’s Cameron Hall, UNC’s Johnson, and NC State’s Cameron Bannerman.

Wendell Moore (9 points, 60 career) moved up six spots to 294, passing Henry Hyde, Ray Brown, Andre Buckner, Bruce Bell and Jeff Burdette and tying Stuart McKaig.

Matthew Hurt (15 points, 67 career) moved up nine spots to 290 passing Hyde, Brown, Buckner, Bell, Burdett, McKaig, Jay Bryan and Bob Duff and tying Doug Ausbon.

Jordan Goldwire (2 points, 74 career) moved up three spots to 280, passing Bill Stark and tying Wes Skibstead and Antonio Vrankovic. He also passed Jay Bilas on the assists list.

Cassius Stanley (15 points, 99 career) moved up five to 266, passing Bill Jackman, John Engberg, Tom Connelly, Ray Kuhlmeier and Stoop Minor.

Vernon Carey (20 points, 130 career) moved up 13 spots to 248 passing Gene Bledsoe, Cameron Hall, Tim Teer, Jim Liccardo, Buck Cheek, Dick Latimer and Weldon Williams.

Tre Jones (17 points, 444 career) moved up four spots to 144th, breaking a tie with Marshall Plumlee and passing Bob Lakata, Chuck Holley, Dick Gordon and Tyler Thornton. He also moved up four spots to 33 on the assists list, passing Dick Groat, Kenny Dennard, Sean Dockery and Shane Battier.

Jack White didn’t move on the scoring list, but he did pass Luol Deng on the rebounding list. Javin DeLaurier didn’t score, but he jumped Marv Decker for 83 place on the rebounding list.