Seth Towns Detained By Police, Tommy Amaker Offers Support

Former Duke transfer target arrested in Columbus, Ohio
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Seth Towns, a graduate transfer from Harvard who was approached by Duke before choosing Ohio State this offseason, was detained by police after being involved in a protest in Columbus, Ohio on Friday night.

Online video footage showed Towns handcuffed and in police custody. He was not arrested and does not face any charges. He was released and reported safe at home at 1:30 AM.

Towns explained his actions in a series of tweets, saying, “In a span of just 24 hours, I walked across a Harvard virtual graduation stage into the back of police van alongside other peaceful protestors—both of which I am equally proud of. I, with so many others, met in downtown Columbus, Ohio to peacefully protest the murder of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and the countless other unarmed American citizens who have been murdered by those who profess to keep the peace. To express our sympathies and condolences to their families, loved ones and all justice seeking people devastated by their senseless deaths, we gathered to cry out their names. We sought to give voice to those whose voices were hushed; to name those whose breath was taken.”

“True voice is not found in words spoken, however, but in steps taken,” he continued. “These hurtful times call for us to come together and bend the arc of justice—to be true and fearless in our expression of compassion, we must find ways to be the change we need. To those who are silent, speak up—to those who are hurting, unite; and for those who are fighting with the weapons of love and justice, keep going. I’m right there with you!”

Harvard coach Tommy Amaker, a former Duke player, released as statement supporting Towns.

“I fully support, and am proud of, Seth in his continued fight for social justice, a cause that has been near and dear to his heart since he arrived on campus four years ago,” he wrote. “We, as a program, always encourage our players in their efforts to stand up for their beliefs and for what is right.”

“I also want to express my condolences and heartbreak for all of those impacted by George Floyd’s senseless death," Amaker added. "Let’s demonstrate support and empathy for all communities impacted—especially communities of color, and the many women and men in law enforcement who do protect and serve honorably and with respect. This is a challenging time for our country. We need unity now more than ever.”