Tre Jones: "The End is Near"


Tre Jones decided to come back for another season after most of his classmates went one and done, but he realizes his second chance at college is growing short.

“We’re trying to get better every single day, knowing that the end is near,” he said after Duke’s 94-60 win over Notre Dame on Saturday. “This doesn’t go on for forever. We want to go out on top. We’re trying to get better every single day knowing that the main goal is winning a national championship.”

Jones was asked if he thought the team was peaking at the right time, although he refused to confirm that he thought the team had peaked in the first place.

“I think we’re playing really well right now,” he said. “No matter who we’re playing, no matter where, when, the past few weeks, we’ve come to play. We’ve been playing our game. I think that’s huge for us—just continue to be like that every single night I think is what’s important for us right now.”

His older brother Tyus was in attendance for the Notre Dame game, along with fellow former Blue Devils Quinn Cook and Zion Williamson.

“They’re all in here right now,” Jones said, referring to the Duke locker room. “So yeah, it’s the brotherhood.”

Duke went on a run when Williamson entered the building, which Jones said was no coincidence.

“It was definitely so cool when the guys that have been here and helped build what Duke basketball is come back to watch,” he said. “We always want to play the best we can and put on a little show for them. When they announced them, it got loud in there. It got crazy, and we went and started on that crazy run, so it’s always fun doing that.”