Tre Jones: Just Waiting, Trying to Be Patient


Tre Jones said that the Duke staff has offered plenty fo support as he prepares for the NBA Draft, but it’s tough to know what he needs at this point.

“Any question that I have, anything that I need help with or whatever, the staff did say they were there,” he said. “They can help, but no one really knows what’s happening, as well. The NBA is tough to deal with as well. They don’t really know what’s going to happen or what the future holds as well. We’re just waiting, trying to be patient.”

Jones is cooped up in the house like everyone else in America, trying to stay busy.

“Video games is definitely one (thing) that still brings me joy at a time like this,” he said. “Hanging out with family, obviously is something I’ve always done. Not a whole lot to do right now—watching TV, video games and hang out.”

Jones looked back over his season and the leadership role he played with the team.

“I felt comfortable the entire season, really,” he said, “coming back for year two and having a recruiting class coming in like they did, knowing they were going to be a key part to the team this year. I knew that my leadership, first of all, would be really important, but that I would be kind of the vocal part of the team this year. That’s what Coach kind of emphasized to me as well, coming in from the start of the year. I knew that I was comfortable with it, just one of those things that it was different than the year before. So along the way, I had to learn some things in the ups and downs. It’s just one of those things.”