Tre Jones: Weird How Quick Season Ended

Team thought it would have more time together
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Duke’s players have all returned to their respective homes, but Tre Jones said the Blue Devils are staying in touch and trying to get closure on the premature end of the season.

“The team has still been talking on group chat,” he said. “We’re all talking. It’s weird how quick it ended and how abrupt it was. I think it’s something that is hard on us all to kind of process and deal with how quick it ended. We thought we’d be able to stick around campus a little bit to work out or whatever still, but then we had to be sent home right away as well. (We had) Just a quick goodbye. It still doesn’t seem real. Life isn’t really going on at this point. We’re just stuck at home. I think that’s the way the whole team reacted. It definitely brought us closer. We all saw how bought in (we were), how much we wanted it as a group, not just individually, but totally as a group, and how we all felt like we were in good position in March as a team, where we were headed.”

Jones said he’s been watching a lot of classic games with his brother Tyus, but they’re watching as fans, not studying film.

“It’s more like fun right now,” he said. “Actually, there are things we point out every now and again, but it’s nothing we haven’t seen before at this point. We’ve pretty much watched all the games. It’s more just watching them for fun, one of those things that are on TV that we get to watch. His (Duke games) are five years ago now. It’s just a little different, but it’s fun watching.”