Duke's Wendell Moore: Coach Wants to Get Up and Down a Lot More


Normally, Duke’s schedule is set during the summer, and the Blue Devils know exactly when, where and against whom they’ll open the year. Due to the pandemic, however, it’s still not clear when the college basketball season will start and schedules are still unsettled. That can be frustrating, but Wendell Moore Jr. says Duke is just doing its best in uncertain times.

“Obviously, we want to know when we’re going to start playing,” he said. “When’s our first game going to be? Obviously, for us it’s a little frustrating, but at same time, we’ve just got to stay ready so we don’t have to waste our time getting ready (later). Really just keep progressing every day.”

The team is still not playing in games, as the players stay socially distanced. That makes it tough to determine roles for the upcoming season.

“We haven’t had the chance to discuss anything team-wise,” he said “Everything right now has been more focused on us as individual players, working on our individual talents, shaping our own games.”

Still, Moore knows that coach Mike Krzyzewski has big plans for this year’s team.

“I can say this season, Coach wants to get up and down a lot more. He wants to be a really fast-paced team. We have the personnel to do that. One through 14, we can all play at a fast pace. Most of our guys can play multiple positions. That’s another good thing for us, just to be able to be versatile all-around. It will get us the opportunity to play many different speeds.”