What Coach K Likes About Patrick Tape


Power forward Patrick Tape attracted attention this offseason with his off-again, on-again commitment to Duke as a graduate transfer.

With his decision now settled, signed, sealed and delivered, it’s time to look forward at what the big man brings to Duke for next season.

Tape appeared on the YouTube show The Absolute Basketball Experience With Jamie Shaw earlier this month and talked about his improvement at Columbia before transferring.

“The big thing was probably just getting stronger, thanks to Tommy Sheehan, our great strength (at Columbia),” Tape said. “He helped me develop my body physically. Being able to be stronger on the inside, battle for rebounds, get position, that’s the biggest thing that helped me in college. Working on my touch around the rim, my feel for the game. I think those were the biggest things.”

Tape then gave a scouting report on himself and talked about his influences in the game.

"I haven't gotten many comparisons,” he said, “but I would like to say my favorite player was Tim Duncan. I try to model my game after him. To be an efficient low post scorer, a good touch around the rim, a good feel for scoring around the basket, and also, I think I'm a pretty capable passer. Defensively, I think I'm a pretty active rebounder and getting after the ball and being aggressive.”

He thinks there are some areas where his game can expand next season.

“I’m looking forward to working at Duke on extending my game out to the perimeter more,” he said. “I think at Columbia, I really didn’t get to showcase that aspect of my game too much. Hopefully, this next year, I’ll get the chance to.”

Tape will also be one of just two post players for next season’s Blue Devils, which could keep him from spending too much time on the perimeter.

"In speaking with Coach K, he’s mentioned, obviously, the center spot,” Tape said. “They've lost a couple senior dudes and it's only me and Mark Williams coming in at the five position. So they definitely see me as battling for a spot there and minutes. One thing Coach K said he was excited about for me was my ball skills, being able to pass like in pick and rolls, hand off, things like that, being able to be a facilitator and effective scorer, to score down low."