What Went Wrong: Chase Brice Breaks Down His Turnovers


Chase Brice won the quarterback job over Chris Katrenick and Gunnar Holmberg because he was best at ball security, which coach David Cutcliffe identified as one of the top criteria in a quarterback.

That wasn’t in evidence on Saturday as Brice threw two interceptions and fumbled once, short circuiting three drives that were deep in Boston College territory.

Brice broke down his three turnovers:

“Late in the game, I’m trying to make play and force a ball I shouldn’t have forced,” he said. “Earlier, I didn’t really see the backer sitting there. I thought I had a guy open he’s cutting in the middle of the field. Then, down at the goal line, I’ve got to hold onto the ball and know when to stop competing and take a sack. I don’t need to make it worse.”

Overall, the offense put together several drives, but they all seemed to short circuit as the Blue Devils got close to the goal line.

“I thought we did good toady at moving the ball,” Brice said. “We pushed the ball. We were throwing and catching. We got down to the red zone, and we just didn’t finish. We did a poor job of finishing today, turning the ball over in key situations where we need points. So a lot of it was self-inflicted. We have to be better.”

The turnovers at the end of drives was frustrating for the Blue Devils offense.

“When you’re getting close to scoring, you’ve had a great drive, and you put the ball on the ground or throw it to the other team, your drive is over,” Brice said. “Nobody likes to see that. I definitely didn’t like to feel it when it happened to me. It’s something we can learn from and be smarter with the ball. Be more protective of it.”