Mobile Georgia Tech Quarterback a Challenge for Duke Defense

Marquis Waters says Blue Devils need to get Jeff Sims on the ground
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Duke will get back onto the field after last weekend’s game with Wake Forest was cancelled during game week.

The Blue Devils were ready to play, adding to the frustration of the last-minute change in schedule.

“It’s obviously very frustrating,” said defensive back Marquis Waters, “because you do a lot of preparation, especially after coming off a bye week, to prep for a team, getting your mindset and confidence up, getting ready for that team. Then, when it gets cancelled, it’s like, ‘Dang. Next game.’ It really was frustrating, because you could have played.”

On Saturday, it will be three weeks since Duke’s last game.

“We’re extremely anxious,” Waters said, “because we like that feeling of being able to make plays and have hype around each other. I feel like we’re very anxious to play. It’s necessary.”

One challenge for Waters and the Duke D will be mobile Georgia Tech quarterback Jeff Sims, who has 1,346 yards and eight touchdowns via pass and 277 yards and four scores running the ball.

“We’ve got to get him on the ground,” Waters said. “That’s the first thing. Tackle well. Keep him inside the pocket. Force him to make hard throws. We’ve got to pressure him and make sure we get him on the ground.”

Waters sees chances for tackles for loss and turnovers this week.

“Every week, we look at the quarterback and say we have opportunities,” he said. “That’s juts a big emphasis for our game. The main focus is definitely staying on top. We know he can keep plays alive with his legs, so the main thing is staying on top and getting him on the ground when he does release out of the pocket.”