Quentin Harris: Saturday Is "Potentially the End of My Football Career"

Duke quarterback prepares for senior day
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Duke quarterback Quentin Harris is a fifth year senior who will be playing his last home game on Saturday, against Miami.

“I don’t think it’s quite hit me yet,” he said. “It’s definitely going to be something that’s pretty special. Potentially, it could be the end of my football career, so there’s a little more added importance. We definitely want to send all the seniors out on a high note. There’s a lot of love for the seniors in our locker room.”

Harris has also been reflecting on his own career. “For myself, personally, it feels both long and short, my time here,” he said. “To look back and think this has been five years is pretty incredible.”

With most of the student body home for Thanksgiving, the football team will be about the only ones still on campus as they prepare for the game. That can be a good thing for the team, Harris believes.

“It makes it pretty easy to focus just with each other,” he said. “Even off the field, when you’re not in the film room or at practice, you’re just with each other. Especially on Thanksgiving day, we’ll have practice in the morning, then a team meal, and then the guys all end up at somebody’s apartment. Somebody’s parents are coming down and cooking, or some of the guys will be cooking. It’s a good time to just be with each other, to bond and build camaraderie, especially when the times we have together are dwindling.”