Here's Which Freshmen Duke Can Redshirt


With Duke’s season over, the Blue Devils begin to look to the future. While the Blue Devils had several freshmen play key roles on this year’s team, only six true freshmen exceeded the four-game limit and are not available to redshirt.

Those freshmen are:

Right tackle Jacob Monk: The second-highest-rated player in the 2019 incoming freshmen class, according to 247Sports, Monk started from day one.

Wide receiver Jalon Calhoun: Duke’s top receiver, he also started from day one and finished with 46 caches for 420 yards

Eli Pancol: The No. 4 rated freshman in Duke’s class, Pancol played every game, scoring three touchdowns on six catches.

Darrell Harding Jr.: Ranked No. 8 in the class, Harding had eight catches for 130 yards.

Jalen Alexander: No. 9 in the class, the safety had 1 tackles and two interceptions.

Jaylen Coleman: The No. 19 ranked freshmen in the 21-man class, Coleman appeared in nine games and rushed 15 times for 42 yards.

Here are the freshmen still able to redshirt this season:

Cornerback Tony Davis: The only four star in the class played just two games with one tackle.

DT DeWayne Carter. Third in the class, he had two games with one tackle.

OT Ron Carr: Fifth in the class, he didn’t play.

CB Isaiah Kemp: Sixth in the class, he had one game.

DE Ahmad Craig: Seventh-rated, he didn’t play.

DE RJ Oben: Tenth in the class, he played four games before injury cut his season short.

DE Christian Rorie: No. 11, he didn’t get into a game.

OT John Gelotte: No. 12-rated, he played the limit of four games.

DE Caleb Oppan: No. 13, he got into one game.

RB Jordan Waters: No. 15 in the class, he played the limit of four games. He had two carries for eight yards.

LB Sayyid Stevens: No. 16, he played in one game and had two tackles.

OG Elijah Wroten: No. 17, he got into one game.

TE Matt Smith: Eighteenth in the class, he didn’t play.

K Charlie Ham: Twentieth in the class, he got into two games.

P Porter Wilson: The bottom-rated freshman didn’t get into a game.

Redshirt freshmen eligible to redshirt: Mason Russell, Jack Colyar, Jack Griffin, Anthony Hinton, Trevor Horton, Gavin Spurrier.

Upperclassmen who still had a redshirt year available and didn’t play four games include: Daniel Karlin, Matthew Cone, Jack Driggers, Aaron Wright, Tristan Westover, Robert Nelson, Cole Carteaux, Zach Thomson, DJ Fullard.